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Guangxi Liyuanbao Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.
First, the company profile
Guangxi Liyuanbao Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. is a technology-based private group enterprise with 21 years history and achieving cross-border integration of environmental protection and agriculture. It is mainly engaged in the production of agricultural and forestry target third-party custody, organic + personalized precision customized fertilizer. R & D production and application, organic waste environmental protection and resource utilization and environmental protection and automation equipment development and other four sectors. It has an annual production capacity of 180,000 tons in Luocheng and 300,000 tons of organic + precision customized fertilizer intelligent production sharing base and a large-scale agricultural and forestry soil data service platform. The strategic positioning of the company is to become China's first “organic waste environmental protection + organic resource development + fertilizer precision customized comprehensive platform service provider”.
It is an environmentally-friendly innovation enterprise that is the focus of the party committee and government of the autonomous region to create a business card for the innovation and development of eco-environmental industries.
It is a member of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Wanqi Help Wancun Poverty Alleviation Participation Enterprise and Guangxi Precision Poverty Alleviation 100 Enterprise Alliance.
Second, technical strength
The company has established an autonomous regional academician workstation led by Yin Weilun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the former director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the former president of Beijing Forestry University, and an advisor to the president of the autonomous region. It includes agroforestry, plant nutrition, biochemistry, machinery, automation, etc. Top experts and technical teams in the field. The academician workstation integrates top experts from various fields in China every year, and conducts technical forums on high-efficiency and sustainable development of agriculture, forestry, organic waste management, organic fertilizer, etc., and precise fertilization for agricultural and forestry, target production custody, environmental management of organic waste, and organic Fertilizer and other industrial development and project operations provide solid technical support.
The company is “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, “Autonomous Region Enterprise Technology Center” and “Nanning Enterprise Technology Center”, “Guangxi Top 100 Enterprises in 2017” and “Nanning Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise”, and Shanghai Transportation The University has jointly established the "Industrial Robot Joint R&D Center".
The company and Guangxi Academy of Forestry are comprehensive strategic partners and are the key technology innovation support enterprises of Guangxi Forestry “Warm Soil Engineering”.
The company develops comprehensive technical solutions such as high-yield and high-efficiency intelligent fertilization system for agricultural and forestry, automatic packaging and palletizing, and efficient environmental protection and resource utilization. It is the key technology innovation support enterprise of Guangxi “Second Business of Sugar Industry”.
The company currently has more than 250 national patents and technical achievements in the fields of fertilizer production and application, organic waste environmental protection and resource utilization technology, including more than 130 invention patents.
Third, business development
1. The company has provided third-party custody services for agricultural and forestry target production in Fengshan County and Donglan County, Hechi City, and innovated the “Poverty Alleviation Industry + Professional Services + Agricultural Services (Migrant Workers)” to drive poverty-stricken households out of poverty. Organize domestic industry experts to provide technical guidance and training for the development of local poverty alleviation industries, give priority to hiring local poor households to work in labor, standardize the organization of construction, drive owners to participate in the construction of industrial bases, use technology to drive and lead industrial development, provide management and management level, and realize local The poverty alleviation industry demonstration base “high-yield and high-efficiency, cost-reducing and income-increasing, sustainable development” aims to help the local “13th Five-Year Plan” to get rid of poverty and successfully complete the task.
2. Based on the market demand for environmentally friendly disposal of organic solid waste such as livestock and poultry manure, municipal sludge, kitchen waste, and sugar filter sludge, the company has innovated and developed a multi-layer static aerobic fermentation processor (system) in the medium-sized space. “It turns waste into fertilizer, 3-5 days, one machine is completed, and the field (plant) is realized locally.” Compared with traditional technologies such as composting, it saves more than 90% of the land, the treatment cycle is shortened by more than 90%, energy saving is over 90%, and the cost is reduced. More than 50%, the investment is reduced by more than 50%, completely subverting the traditional organic solid waste treatment technology, and has been successfully used in many domestic waste treatment projects such as livestock manure, municipal sludge, sugar sludge, etc. The technology is reliable and stable. Guaranteed.
3. The company has provided intelligent (one-time) precision fertilization technical services for many state-owned and private forest farms, sugar industry groups, planting bases and planting households in Guangxi for many years, with the special fertilizer for the production of materials as the technical carrier. Ten thousand mu, in the sugar industry, the goal of “increasing production by 1-3 tons per mu, increasing sugar content by 0.5-1.5 percentage points, and increasing the income per mu by more than 1,000 yuan” has achieved the goal of “increasing the yield by 2 cubic meters per year”. The goal of “rotation period” has achieved the goal of “increasing production by more than 20% per mu and improving quality significantly” in other agricultural crops. The effect of increasing production, increasing efficiency and increasing income is very significant, and promoting agroforestry to improve quality and sustainability. development of.
4. Based on the soil big data platform, the Internet, the Internet of Things and the intelligent production sharing terminal, the company can meet the individual needs of users, and provide users with “target-based production” based on “online ordering and offline production”. "One fat" overall technical solution, custom-made "organic + individualized demand" exclusive fertilizer for users, and provide full technical guidance from land plot, variety, scientific fertilization, pest control, scientific management, scientific harvesting, etc. And the service to achieve the goal of increasing production and increasing revenue for users.