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Academician workstation


Relying on the autonomous region academician workstation led by academician Yin weilun, liyuan bao has achieved a series of advanced scientific and technological achievements and industrial promotion and application achievements:


1. Subversive organic waste treatment technology -- "spatial multilayer static aerobic fermentation treatment technology", which realizes "turning waste into fertilizer, 3-5 days, one machine completed, on-site implementation within the field (factory)", is a revolutionary and world-leading original achievement. The technology has been more than domestic livestock and poultry breeding units, sewage treatment plants, filter mud treatment project has been applied, eat hutch waste disposal projects, especially applied in the jiuzhou river basin breeding waste pollution on the project, laibin, mountain sludge in situ treatment projects and baise region millers filter mud treatment projects, etc., the user's recognition and effective implementation of five governance "fertilizer pollution, treat waste fertilizer and fertilizer for controlling water, fertilizer for gas and fertilizer.


2. A crucial feature for power fengshan push out of poverty ecological, efficient, sustainable development, poverty alleviation industry force source company won the bid in the bid, offer fengshan escrow services for poverty alleviation, forestry industry company with wei-lun Yin academician autonomous region led by academician workstation for technical support, provide poor walnut, camellia, star anise plant with precision production, the solution to drive and lead the industry development of science and technology, strengthen scientific fertilization, improve the level of management, improve the economic benefit and ecological benefit, drive the poor out of poverty to get rich, We will achieve the goal of "high yield, high efficiency, lower cost, higher income and sustainable development" of the three demonstration bases for poverty alleviation of economic forests in fengshan county, including walnuts, oil tea and eight jiao, and help fengshan county to successfully complete the task of tackling poverty in the 13th five-year plan.


3. As the "second venture" guangxi sugar industry technical support unit, the force source for the sugarcane area of intelligent one-time buried (shi) precision fertilizer solution by the application in sugarcane area accumulated more than 1 million acres proved that for sugar cane implement "mu by 1-3 tons, compared to the sugar content increased by 0.5 to 1.5%, compared with the same mu authors' income over 1000 yuan", for sugar mills to achieve "authors efficiency and increase the output value of 1500-2000 yuan/mu", production, add sugar, efficiency, income, effect is significant. At the same time, the "five innovative cooperation modes" proposed by liyuanbao (which have reached cooperation with phoenix sugar group, south China group, British sugar group, east sugar group, etc.) also provide an overall technical solution for sugar industry's "secondary entrepreneurship" and transformation and upgrading.


4. As a "fertile soil engineering" in guangxi forestry key support enterprise technology innovation, the force source company based on a complete coverage of forestry industry technology patent, intelligent precise fertilization decision-making system, forest ecological custom technology in the forestry development provide intelligent precise fertilization scheme based on target yield and escrow services, soil restoration, soil health nursing services, etc. It has been proved that, under the same planting conditions, eucalyptus trees and other trees with intelligent and accurate fertilization solutions of liyuanbao have achieved an average increase of more than 2m cubic meters per mu during each round cutting period, with remarkable effects of increasing production, improving quality and increasing income.



Academician Yin weilun is in office



▶Company chairman deng xiu shan and company development strategy consultant Yin weilun academician exchange company project





▶Chairman of the company deng xiu shan and the company's development strategy consultant academician Yin weilun exchange the application of scientific and technological achievements



▶Academician Yin weilun conducted on-site technical guidance on "spatial multilayer static aerobic fermentation technology" and "spatial multilayer static aerobic fermentation processor for livestock and poultry excrement"





▶Academician Yin weilun and vice general manager of our company deng xiuquan (middle) exchange equipment technology and project promotion and application


▶The chairman of the company, deng xiu shan and Yin weilun, visited the ecological big data testing center to check the soil samples






▶Academician Yin weilun directs the testing work of ecological big data detection center



▶Academician Yin weilun directed the work of the test center to upload the report results to the big data platform and realize the dynamic updating of the platform data





▶Academician Yin weilun and the technical team of the company discussed and summarized the work of the third party trust project of forestry industry poverty alleviation in fengshan county (covering 30,000 mu of walnuts, 20,000 mu of oil tea, 260 mu of eight jiao, covering more than 4,000 poor households in 41 poverty-stricken villages) in 2017.


▶Academician Yin weilun and the research and development team of the company exchanged views on the promotion and application of the "spatial multilayer static aerobic fermentation processing technology" which subverted the traditional processing technology, and proposed development Suggestions for the further technical upgrading.