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Force source treasure around, around the modem forestry development goals, for the construction of "national strategic reserve base of wood" pine, fir, star anise, differential characteristic economic forest construction projects such as forest management target yield escrow service, and with high and new technology achievements for the owner to high-yielding demonstration base of forestry, forest soil, raise demonstration base, fertile soil engineering construction and industrialization demonstration base to provide technical services, can also according to owner needs to set up and share the organic resource, economic crop planting forests provide forests economic crops full technical service and provide "Internet + forestry" for its products can be traced back to green production technical support and services.




Force source company over the years has been respectively with sixty thousand forest farm, big GuiShanLin field, d forest farm, Huang Mian forest farm, three jiang forest farm, elegant long three forest farms, forest farms, laoshan forest farm, bab forest zone signed a long-term cooperation of several forest farm of forestry high efficient intelligent fertilization technology application technology development contract, for the provision of forestry one-on-one based on the developments of crops such as eucalyptus oil tea production professional technical service, promote forestry authors' income, realize the afforestation quality efficiency.