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Force source treasure company with precision as the main line for poverty alleviation, academician workstation based on autonomous region leading experts team, professional and technical service team and large data platform, for agriculture and forestry industry development based on the production target of information query, crop cultivation, scientific fertilization, scientific management, scientific cut as one of the third party the whole professional technology such as hosted service, achieve production, promote industrial efficiency and sustainable development, realize the authors' income of farmers, helping to overcome poverty.

Fengshan county government to accelerate the precise out of poverty, in April 2017, in "fengshan 10000 walnut demonstration base procurement contract management service project" and "fengshan poverty crucial characteristic industry 2017-2019, star anise, differential service procurement project, high-yield demonstration base construction" two child project to form the "fengshan crucial industry production target hosting poverty" project, total investment 179 million yuan, the international public bidding, the third party to purchase professional management services to the society, force source company won the bid in the bid.


In the implementation of this project, liyuanbao company, relying on the leading intelligent and precise fertilization technology in China, provides a precise production increase plan for the cultivation of badjiao, oil tea and walnuts in poverty-stricken households. In conjunction with scientific research institutions and large and medium-sized universities such as guangxi forestry research institute, guangxi university forestry college and guangxi agricultural science research institute, the research station of academician of the autonomous region led by academician Yin weilun provides strong technical support for the project implementation. "Poverty alleviation projects take industry, professional services and participate in complex (workers) to pull out of poverty poverty mode, organization domestic industry experts to the project required by the company to carry out technical guidance and training, priority to hire local poor labor employment, unified organization construction, drive the owner to participate in the production base construction, set up first in guangxi forestry and poverty alleviation industry to the third party to buy professional precision poverty alleviation of the management mode, to drive and lead the industry development of science and technology, improve the level of management, realize the fengshan walnut, camellia, star anise, three big economic forest demonstration base for poverty alleviation" high production and efficiency, the authors' income, sustainable development "goals, We will help fengshan county in its 13th five-year plan to tackle poverty.


The poverty alleviation demonstration project covers an area of 30,000 mu walnut demonstration base, 20,000 mu oil tea demonstration base and 260 mu octagonal demonstration base in fengshan county, covering 41 poverty-stricken villages and over 4000 poverty-stricken people. According to the management technology target of fengshan county government, liyuanbao has organized a professional team to train poor migrant workers for construction, so as to obtain employment at home. Poor households can increase their annual income by about 28 million yuan only through labor service participation. At the same time through scientific fertilization, reasonable management and training of science and technology, etc., for fengshan not GuaGuo anise, camellia, high and stable yield of trees to lay a solid foundation, realize the adult hanging fruit trees is steadily increasing yield, promote and stimulate the development of fengshan economic forest characteristic planting industry, poverty alleviation, implementation efficiency, increase production, precision out of poverty.


3. Fengshan project "poverty alleviation industry + professional services + participation in agricultural affairs" to promote poverty alleviation model service demonstration



   1. On May 19, 2017, fengshan county people's government and guangxi force source treasure company signed a "fengshan 10000 walnut demonstration base contracted service procurement project framework of the management contract", "fengshan poverty crucial characteristic industry 2017-2019, star anise, differential, high-yield demonstration base construction project framework, service procurement contract" (agreement for three years (2017-2019), the total amount is 179.1 million yuan, intelligent ecological organic fertilizer, 39287 tons, the average price of 1923 yuan/ton, the cost of $103.56 million), the power source based on the technology support of treasure company to academician workstation Take "poverty alleviation industry professional hosting + + participate in complex (workers)" innovation service mode, in fengshan county people's government, under the unified organization, command, coordination of project technology needed for technical guidance and training, unified organization construction, and drive the owner and poverty alleviation farmers participate in science and technology, according to the construction quota pay the corresponding labor remuneration, both increasing the income of poor in those days, and let the society to get rich skills, solid industrial foundation for poverty alleviation, fengshan walnut, camellia, anise three big economic forest demonstration base ", high-yield, authors' income, sustainable development "goals, The demonstration base of scientific fertilization will gradually drive and lead the development of the three economic forest industries and improve the management level in fengshan county, and help the successful completion of the task of poverty alleviation in fengshan county during the 13th five-year plan.