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1 director of equipment marketing

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Equipment marketing director (1 person)
1. Under 40 years old, college degree or above, major in marketing, machinery, automation, etc.;

Equipment marketing director (1 person)



1. Under 40 years old, college degree or above, major in marketing, machinery, automation, etc.;

2. Clear thinking, good writing ability and good copywriting skills;

3. Good communication skills and rich team building management experience, with high work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility;

4. Have strong ability to explore customers, especially large customers, and good interpersonal skills, social activities and negotiation skills;

5. Be familiar with guangxi engineering and environmental protection equipment market and have certain customer resources;

6. Working experience in environmental protection, engineering and equipment sales, 5 years or more working experience is preferred.



1. Salary range: annual income of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan; salary structure: "basic salary + sales commission + project award"

2. The company implements the system of single leave, statutory holidays and paid annual leave, and five social insurance and one housing fund is complete;

3. The company provides lunch room, during which employees can rest;

4. The company has a staff canteen, including: breakfast, lunch and dinner;

5. Employees are entitled to food subsidy, seniority subsidy, education subsidy and travel subsidy;

6. The company will provide a competitive salary package, and liyuan treasure group is looking forward to your participation.


Starting and ending time: 2016-12-1 to 2017-12-1

Contact number (hr department) : 0771-3215362

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