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Sales reserve manager 10 people

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Sales reserve manager (10 persons)
1. College degree or above, major is not limited;
2. Have passion for sales work, strong desire for wealth and dare to challenge.

Sales reserve manager (10 persons)



1. College degree or above, major is not limited;

2. Have passion for sales work, strong desire for wealth and dare to challenge.



1. Salary range: 2,000 ~ 10,000 yuan/month.

2. The company implements a double vacation system, and enjoys statutory holidays and paid annual leave. Five social insurance and one housing fund is complete;

3. The company provides accommodation and can arrange lunch rooms; Sales reserve manager 10 people

4. The company has a staff canteen, including: breakfast, lunch and dinner;

5. The company is equipped with relevant entertainment equipment, facilities and sports venues, so that employees can enrich their daily leisure life.

6. Employees shall be entitled to the subsidy of seniority, educational background and telephone fee;


Starting and ending time: 2016-12-1 to 2017-12-1

Contact number (hr department) : 0771-3215362

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