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Liyuan bao & zhongyou "green mobile factory" will be unveiled at the 2018 macau international environmental protection exhibitio

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From April 12 to 14, 2018, the event "BBS and exhibition for the development of international environmental protection cooperation in Macao 2018" was held in Macao, and 67 representatives from 28 unit

From April 12 to 14, 2018, the event "BBS and exhibition for the development of international environmental protection cooperation in Macao 2018" was held in Macao, and 67 representatives from 28 units of guangxi zhuang autonomous region were invited to participate.



Different from previous sessions, guangxi's theme of this exhibition is "guangxi's ecological advantage will not be exchanged for gold", which fully shows the beautiful name card of beautiful ecological beauty and rapid development of environmental protection industry. In the exhibition, our company mainly exhibited the subversion technology and environmental protection management experience in the treatment of organic wastes such as sludge, livestock and poultry excrement, kitchen waste, filter mud, etc., which attracted the attention of many exhibitors, representatives of the government of the Macao special administrative region and people from all walks of life.



Compared with traditional compost technology, "green mobile factory" (spatial multilayer static aerobic fermentation processor technology), which includes more than 250 national patents, has the following advantages:


1. Save land.

2. Project investment province.

3. Low processing cost.

4. Low project operation cost.

5. Efficient, safe, clean and environment-friendly.

6. The processed products can be commercialized.

7. The construction period is short and the environmental protection effect is quickly generated.

8. Successful cases and reliable technology.

9. Modular design and manufacturing, flexible to increase processing capacity.

10. It can be built into an ecological landscape.


       Huang weijing, vice chairman of guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's government (fourth from left), deng qingrui, director of guangxi environmental protection department (first from left) and other leaders came to our company's booth for guidance, and strongly affirmed the company's "green mobile factory" for subverting traditional organic solid waste treatment technology.



Guangxi delegation group photo


The event, "BBS and exhibition for Macao 2018 international environmental cooperation and development", themed "building an eco-city and sharing a green economy", attracted more than 490 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition and discuss hot environmental issues.