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A champion! A champion! Liyuan bao won the crown in the final of the second nanning innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

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On July 11, 2017, sponsored by the nanning city people's government, the nanning city technology bureau to undertake the second nanning innovation entrepreneurship competition final zhongguancun double held a demonstration base in nanning, guangxi zhuang autonomous region department of Li Weigong deputy inspector, vice mayor of nanning SuiGuoHua, nanning technology bureau director, nanning counties liang technology bureau chief attended the final, My company to "universal processor of organic solid waste" and "intelligent high efficient forestry fertilization decision-making system" as the technical support for jiuzhou river basin of aquaculture waste treatment building project "a - kind of - pin" circular economy through primary and semi-finals after successful shortlisted for the final, and in the final growth enterprise groups of 10 contestants along a road show competitive, our company win the championship.


At the scene of the final


Our company's "breeding - planting - marketing" circular economy project appeared on the field, which attracted the attention of field experts and audience


Our company won the champion of the growth enterprise group in the final of the second nanning innovation and entrepreneurship competition



Meng wenhu, deputy secretary-general of nanning municipal people's government (10 left), director of nanning municipal science and technology bureau


Liang zhan (9th from left) took a photo with the winners of the final competition of the second nanning innovation and entrepreneurship competition




Introduction to the circular economy project of "breeding, breeding and marketing" for the treatment of manure contamination in jiuzhou river basin


Jiuzhou river basin is an important part in zhanjiang of guangdong province and guangxi yulin city along the Yangtze river water resources, to ensure the water environment quality is of great importance to the political, social, and economic significance, and bobai county is located in the jiuzhou river's upstream, is the largest in yulin area of livestock and poultry breeding, a year of livestock and poultry breeding waste become one of the main pollutants of jiuzhou river upstream water environment.


Is pollution is around the corner, on the other hand, is as a pillar industry for poverty alleviation must develop animal husbandry, therefore, in order to solve the prominent contradictions of environmental governance and development, from farms source dung to treasure, to achieve "to fat, fat to treat waste" kill two birds with one stone, help industrial upgrading, promote the farmers' income poverty, on December 1, 2016, bobai county people's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the force source treasure, universal processor, relying on the organic solid waste resources into organic fertilizer, pig farms completely solve the problem of waste pollution, We will create a new model of targeted poverty alleviation, namely "government + farmers + third party pollution + organic fertilizer". Farmers to buy processor, government subsidies, force source treasure as a third party through the marketing channels and marketing resources valuation repurchase farmers produce organic raw materials, and according to the demand of the local plant, in the high efficient forestry processing under the guidance of fertilizing intelligent decision-making system for refined organic fertilizer, promote agroforestry planting mass transfer efficiency, and poor through repurchase a pig organic material can realize income poverty, not only solved the pollution problem of aquaculture, and can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, well realize farming ecological cycle. Force source Po at the same time also to the use of refined organic fertilizer farmers to buy back its output of high quality organic agricultural products, safeguard farmers income, and relying on the company's independent build O2O platform and big data platform, online sales, and provide agricultural products from land, crop varieties, fertilization, cultivation management, picking, storage and delivery of the whole process of planting information, provide consumers with the tip of the tongue on the safety, high quality and delicious organic agricultural products.


The "breeding - planting - marketing" mode not only completely solves the problem of fecal pollution in the cultivation of jiuzhou river basin, but also promotes the transformation and upgrading of the breeding industry to achieve sustainable development. It also builds the breeding ecological cycle, promotes the high yield and high efficiency of the farming and forestry industry, and drives farmers to increase their income and lift themselves out of poverty.


It is learned that since the second nanning innovation and entrepreneurship competition was launched in April, many entrepreneurs have paid attention to it. A total of 249 enterprises have been registered and 188 enterprises have been confirmed to participate. The entries cover advanced manufacturing, bio-medicine, electronic information, Internet and mobile Internet, new energy and energy conservation, environmental protection, new materials, agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry biotechnology, etc. Growth through layers of screening, 10, 10 start-up enterprises outstanding project to the final, at the same time in the second session of nanning innovation entrepreneurship competition final project, is qualified to participate in the July 27 to 28 in guangxi information industry base in the sixth China innovation entrepreneurship competition division and 2017 in guangxi guangxi entrepreneurship competition heats.