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Li yuanbao organized academician Yin weilun of the Chinese academy of engineering and the research group of forestry experts fro

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On June 27 to 28, 2017, organized by guangxi power source technology co., LTD. Member of Chinese academy of engineering, Beijing forestry university, the former President wei-lun Yin, force source tre

On June 27 to 28, 2017, organized by guangxi power source technology co., LTD. Member of Chinese academy of engineering, Beijing forestry university, the former President wei-lun Yin, force source treasure Deng Xiu sandstones, chairman, Dr Dong Ningguang, Beijing academy of agricultural sciences, ji-zhao cao, guangxi academy of agricultural sciences, vice dean, professor guo-chen Chen, Dr Nelsane guangxi university professor xiao-fang pan Yang, forestry experts to Ann and precious technical director Tang Fangyu force source and other technical experts in fengshan on-the-spot investigation research of the research group of walnut planting situation, camellia, star anise.



The research team visited guanshanbao walnut demonstration base of nongzhi village, fengshan county


On June 27, research group of hechi city walnut WeiYuMin, deputy director of the office of the standing committee, fengshan county party committee and director of XianWeiBan tooth Han Jing, deputy county magistrate WeiJiang, accompanied by the people of county forestry bureau of chang 'an yongfa, successively surveyed the fengshan lane village guanshan fort, tuen walnut planting demonstration base on factory, camellia park depression planting base and anise planting base of law field, detailed understanding of the varieties introduced, planting, management, etc.



The research group held a seminar overnight


Fengshan county and the research group conducted a research symposium


On June 28, fengshan county and the research group held a symposium on industrial research. The standing committee and the meeting of fengshan county party committee were presided over by fang hanjing, director of the county commission. At the meeting, the deputy county chief of weijiang regiment introduced the development situation and bottleneck problems of fengshan walnut, oil tea and star anise industry in detail.


At the meeting, academician Yin weilun firstly affirmed the remarkable achievements made by fengshan county in developing the characteristic agricultural and forestry economic crops such as eight jiao, oil tea and walnut, promoting the management of stone desertification in fengshan, developing the ecological industry, building the national ecological agriculture park, and promoting the poverty-stricken households to get rid of poverty accurately. We have fully affirmed the bold innovation of fengshan county, and have the courage to explore the purchase of professional management services from a third party to demonstrate the poverty alleviation model of poverty-stricken households. Meanwhile wei-lun Yin will fengshan member representative research group of the three economic forest industry development how to break through the bottleneck, realize the mass transfer efficiency, speed up the pace of poverty put forward the technical guidance, hope fengshan in three big economic forest in order to strengthen the management of variety breeding, pruning, fertilization of the management and disease and insect control, etc, accelerate cooperation between superior enterprises, strengthen and China domestic scientific research institutes such as institute of oil-tea production, give full play to the social from all walks of life force, integrate the advantage resources, relying on scientific and technological strength and expert team to push fengshan walnut, camellia, octagonal industry development, to promote poverty reduction, the county industry demonstration We will lift the poor out of poverty and make them rich.