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Academician Yin weilun and several experts presented Suggestions on the construction of academician workstation and the developm

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On June 26, 2017, guangxi force source treasure - Beijing forestry university academician workstation in nanning HongLi force source Po road 10 conference room expert panel, the Chinese academy of eng

On June 26, 2017, guangxi force source treasure - Beijing forestry university academician workstation in nanning HongLi force source Po road 10 conference room expert panel, the Chinese academy of engineering, Beijing forestry university, the former President wei-lun Yin, guangxi department deputy inspector Li Weigong, results MengFuGui, result in nanning city technology bureau deputy researcher wen-bo liu, nanning by the open area by the bureau deputy director li jing, Force source chairman Deng Xiu sandstones, and forestry association, plantation cultivation industry association in guangxi, guangxi forestry college, guangxi university, guangxi, guangxi academy of agricultural sciences academy, guangxi academy of sciences, department of agriculture in guangxi, guangxi sixty thousand state-owned forest farm forestry industry such as management of scientific research institutes, and forestry experts attend the symposium, discussion on the development of academician workstation, and actively make recommendations for poverty alleviation in guangxi industry development.




Symposium on construction of academician workstation of guangxi liyuan bao - Beijing forestry university


Meeting, Deng Xiu sandstones, chairman of the board of directors for the construction of academician workstation are introduced, relying on the academician workstation, force source treasure in agroforestry big data platform construction, the soil organic solid waste resource recycling and agroforestry intelligent precision fertilization in areas such as many major key generic technology achievements, break through the technical bottleneck restricting the development of industry, and laid the industry leading position, and to achieve a series of technical achievements and application:


1. The development of "spatial multi-layer static aerobic treatment and resource recovery technology" was included in the autonomous region of livestock and poultry waste resource utilization technology in 2017 directory, be included in the application in the jiuzhou river, south river area farmed feces pollution control, and innovation in collaboration with bobai county people's government of "government + organic fertilizer + farmers + third-party pollution" mode, boost the breeding industry upgrading, support precision out of poverty, not only solved the pollution problem of the local aquaculture, but also promote the organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, reducing fertilizer use of pesticides, well realize farming ecological cycle;


2. Relying on the development of forestry "Internet + high efficient intelligent precise fertilization technology", "organic + personalized custom-made fertilizer production" precisely, "agroforestry production target management technology system, joint forestry science research institute of guangxi, forestry college of guangxi university, guangxi agricultural scientific research institute and other research institutions and large and medium-sized institutions, with wei-lun Yin member of autonomous regions, led by academician workstation to provide strong technical support for project implementation, force source treasure in fengshan innovation" production base + third-party technology organization + local poor services to "drive the poor out of poverty mode, Established first to a third party social forestry industry for poverty alleviation in guangxi to buy professional precision of poverty alleviation of the management mode, the project for three years, the total investment 179 million yuan, will drive and lead the industry development by science and technology, improve the level of management, realize the fengshan walnut, camellia, star anise, three big economic forest demonstration base for poverty alleviation "high production and efficiency, the authors' income, sustainable development" goals, booster fengshan "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" the crucial task smoothly out of poverty.


3. The development of forestry "Internet + high efficient intelligent disposable precision fertilization technology" by guangxi sugarcane area more than 100 100 mu of continuous application over the years has shown that in no increase in sugar cane and sugar industry input, which can realize per mu yield increases of more than two tons of material sugarcane and increase the rate of more than one percent of sugar, sugar cane authors' income 800 yuan, sugar-making enterprises can realize tons sugar lower costs 500 yuan, increase the sugar income benefit is very significant, for sugar industry transformation and upgrading of the science and technology power, autonomous regional people's government policy development research center, after field survey, Suggestions in promoting the technology; The forest land in the entire district average two rotation period of trial and promotion of more than 200, ten thousand mu (times) application proved that under the same conditions and fertilization cost reduced by more than 50 yuan per acre, implement a rotation period average mu yield increases of more than 2 m3, popularization and application of more than 200, ten thousand mu, a rotation period (by an average of six years) can increase the quantity of material of eucalyptus wood over 60 million m3, increase the plant output value 40.8 billion yuan, profit of 30 billion yuan, equivalent to direct for reconstructing the eucalyptus planting area of 10 million mu, at the same time in the pine, cedar and anise, differential economic crops also realize high production and efficiency, Providing technical support for the construction of "national timber strategic reserve base" in guangxi;


4. The development of mobile Internet technology based intelligent mobile phone system for poverty alleviation, precision fertilization for farmers in the target yield management solutions precise fertilization, mango, eucalyptus, which have been successfully in tiandong, bamboo and other economic crops, tianlin differential, mango, BaDuSun, planting crops, such as bananas, youjiang area spinosa, longlin county in orange, grape, mulberry trees and other crops LuoCheng County popularization and application, have made significant effect of high-yield cultivation, drive the poor precision of poverty to get rich, for the local industry to provide strong intellectual support for poverty alleviation.


Seminar, deputy inspector Li Weigong said, welcome wei-lun Yin academicians and his team to the development of guangxi, the department will support Yin academician of project, project, and said the most important thing is to rely on enterprises in guangxi academician scientific research team and team role to promote their own growth, thereby giving impetus to the innovation of the whole industry in guangxi.


At the meeting, academician Yin weilun thanked the guangxi autonomous region government for its trust and support, and hoped to cooperate with the experts of the symposium to jointly provide scientific and technological support for the development of the poverty alleviation industry in guangxi.




Li weihong (right), deputy inspector of the guangxi science and technology department, presented the invitation letter for the chairman of the autonomous region to Yin weilun (left), academician of the Chinese academy of engineering


After the symposium, li weihong, deputy inspector of the science and technology department of the autonomous region, academician Yin weilun, former deputy director of the forestry department of the autonomous region mo yiping and chairman deng xiu shan jointly unveiled the academician workstation.



Deputy inspector li weihong (second from the right), academician Yin weilun (second from the left), former deputy director mo yiping (first from the left) and chairman deng xiu shan (first from the right) of the science and technology department of the autonomous region jointly unveil the academician workstation.



Experts at the symposium of academician workstation construction of guangxi liyuanbao - Beijing forestry university took a group photo


Guangxi liyuan bao science and technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech private enterprise with a history of 20 years, which realizes the integration of environmental protection and agriculture across the border. It owns the r&d and manufacturing base of environmental protection and automation equipment in nanning jingkai district, the production and sharing base of "organic + precision customized" fertilizer with an annual output of 300,000 tons in tiandong, and the production and sharing base of 180,000 tons of formula fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer in luocheng.


Is central to the autonomous region party committee, the government makes the ecological environmental protection industry innovation and development "business card" the innovation of environmental protection enterprises, on September 22, 2016, the autonomous region people's government, chairman of Chen wu on "innovation driven development conference" in the "innovation leading the economic transformation and sustainable and stable development" of the speech, to rely on force source treasure representative environmental protection enterprises such as ecological environmental protection industry innovation and development "business card"; It is a key poverty alleviation enterprise of the state federation of industry and commerce and a leading intelligent poverty alleviation enterprise of guangxi precision poverty alleviation alliance. It is a leading enterprise of the state intellectual property rights, an enterprise technology center of the autonomous region and a top 100 enterprises of guangxi patent technology innovation in 2017. The company's "industrial and agricultural organic residue energy conservation, environmental protection treatment and resource utilization technology" was selected into the national "industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization advanced applicable technology catalogue (the first batch)"; The company "high yield, high efficiency and intelligent fertilizer decision-making system for agroforestry" won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of nanning city in 2014. The company is a key technology innovation supporting enterprise of guangxi "sugar industry second venture", and a comprehensive strategic partner of guangxi forestry academy of sciences. It has become a key technology innovation supporting enterprise of guangxi forestry "fertile soil engineering".