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[liyuan bao headlines] huang zhihua, director of guangxi agricultural machinery appraisal station, did a good job in the identif

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On March 16, 2017, guangxi agricultural machinery appraisal station chief Tony wong, vice adsense Qiu Hengxian, chief engineer Lou a such a behavior to do deep research into enterprise innovation of a

On March 16, 2017, guangxi agricultural machinery appraisal station chief Tony wong, vice adsense Qiu Hengxian, chief engineer Lou a such a behavior to do deep research into enterprise innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment identification research, in our company general manager assistant Deng Zhonghuan, tiandong power source company (force source treasure subsidiary), deputy general manager of ShenWuChang accompanied by our tiandong organic solid waste treatment and resource recycling investigation and research, demonstration base for inclusion at home and abroad more than 220 patents, subverts the traditional process and the process of universal processor said fully recognized brand of organic solid waste.



Huang zhihua station director (first on the right), qiu hengxian deputy station director (second on the left), lu yifu chief engineer (second on the right) visited the production site of tiandong annual processing of 400 thousand tons of organic solid wastes such as livestock and poultry excrement, urban sludge, sugar filter mud, etc



Huang zhihua and his team visited the intelligent control center of universal processor



Director huang zhihua and his team visited the intelligent control center of fertilizer intelligent production terminal