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A joint visiting group consisting of several large guangxi breeding enterprises, including shenhuang, chunmao, fengxiang, sanhe

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On March 17, 2017, and the emperor group Zhang Cong President, spring mau group Chen ship He Guangguan technical director, general manager, fengxiang group yulin city sanhe farming and Gong Yunsen dep

On March 17, 2017, and the emperor group Zhang Cong President, spring mau group Chen ship He Guangguan technical director, general manager, fengxiang group yulin city sanhe farming and Gong Yunsen deputy general manager, general manager of the company to Yang Shihua guangxi agriculture beibei Wen Ling farming company general manager deng deep loosening and congratulation state branch general manager, general manager hai-wen liu guangxi guangxi wo company, guangxi poly silver group zhen-hui huang technical director, jinling farming branch of hemp home fierce general manager and other people of guangxi's breeding enterprise joint visitors to our tiandong organic solid waste treatment and resource recycling demonstration base to visit and negotiate cooperation, It is highly appreciated and appreciated that there are more than 220 patents at home and abroad, which subvert the traditional process and process.




The delegation visited the production site of tian dong's 400,000 tons of organic solid waste, such as livestock and poultry excrement, urban sludge, sugar treatment sludge, kitchen waste, etc



The group attended the demonstration of "high yield, high efficiency and intelligent fertilization decision-making system for agroforestry" independently developed by our company



The visiting group and representatives of our company held discussions and exchanges



The group took a photo with our representative


Through a tour of investigation and in-depth exchanges, visitors to realize "change dung as fertilizer, 3 ~ 5 days, one machine to complete, on-site implementation, get" high recognition of universal processor application effects of organic solid waste, and expressed the hope that with the force source of treasure & cooperation as soon as possible, everything depends on the organic solid waste processor for farm waste harmless treatment and resource utilization, assisted breeding enterprise makes ecological breeding new mode, to promote the sustainable and rapid development of aquaculture.