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[liyuan bao headline] changsha longtai microwave thermal engineering investigation team visited our company's tiandong organic s

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On March 1, 2017, the changsha your microwave thermal, juggle fai technology co., LTD., zhang chairman, deputy general manager, sales director Zhou Hao line to our tiandong organic solid waste treatme

On March 1, 2017, the changsha your microwave thermal, juggle fai technology co., LTD., zhang chairman, deputy general manager, sales director Zhou Hao line to our tiandong organic solid waste treatment and resource recycling demonstration base for visit, the inclusion of more than 220 domestic and foreign patent brand of organic solid waste universal processor said.




he investigation team of longtai visited the production site of the intelligent ecological fertilizer base with an annual output of 300,000 tons of organic solid wastes, such as livestock and poultry excrement, urban sludge, sugar filter mud and kitchen waste, etc., handled by tian dong annually.




The investigation team watched the demonstration of "high yield, high efficiency and intelligent fertilization decision-making system for agroforestry" independently developed by our company



Chairman zhang xiaodong (third from left), vice general manager zhou xuanhui technology (second from right), sales director zhou hao (first from left) and other inspection teams visited the demonstration base of organic solid waste treatment and recycling of resources in tiandong, covering an area of 223 mu


After the visit, chairman zhang xiaodong said that longtai has a number of sludge treatment projects in China, and has been looking for the best sludge recycling technology, and the organic solid waste universal processor can achieve "sludge fattening, 3-5 days, one machine completed, on-site implementation, a hundred", which is in line with the needs of longtai. Through further exchanges and consensus, the two sides should promote cooperation as soon as possible. Liyuanbao & youyou, relying on the organic solid waste omnipotent processor, first realized the resource utilization of sludge fertilizer for longtai's daily treatment of 400 tons of sludge in changsha, and then gradually copied and extended it to other sludge treatment projects in longtai.


Changsha your microwave thermal technology co., LTD. Is a worldwide leader in the microwave energy equipment industry, in the state-level changsha high-tech industrial development zone long flat high science and technology park has the world's largest microwave energy equipment manufacturing base and microwave energy application technology experiment center, the company developed a variety of microwave energy equipment with remarkable characteristic of "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, widely used in mineral processing, metallurgy, coal chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, rubber, chemical, ceramics, building materials, new materials, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products processing, product processing," three wastes "treatment, and many other industries.


The company has always been to "science and technology equipment in China, efficiency, promote the world" as our mission, insist on innovation, focus on the "your microwave thermal SYNOTHERM ®" into a microwave energy application technology in the field of world-class brand in one hundred.